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Oolong 'laolao' Tea ; 台湾红姥姥

Oolong 'laolao' Tea ; 台湾红姥姥

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Weight: 50g/packet

Production area: Taitung, Taiwan
The taste is similar to black tea because the degree of fermentation is close to that of black tea, but the shape is spherical; hence it's still classified as oolong tea. Since Taitung is the main production area of ​​red oolong, our tea is compared with other production areas because of the presence of small green leafhoppers. Green leafhoppers have extracted it, so consumers can taste the honey sweetness.

味道类似红茶,因为发酵度 接近红茶,但是成球型的形状所以还是被归类在乌龙茶类,由于台东是产红乌龙大本营产区,我们的茶相较其他产区因有小绿叶蝉吸吮过,所以蜜甜味很明显。

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